Smudge Free/ Waterproof Lipsticks? Yay or Nay? Pros and Cons

Sorry for being MIA for a while. I’ve been so busy at school and work, couldn’t find time to post new blog. But here I am again!

Have you ever thought of putting your lipsticks on and never have to worry about touching it up for a whole day? No stain on your glass or silverwares when you drink or eat. In this post, I’ll tell you my experiences on 3 smudge free lipstick brands I tried. It’ll include bad and good experiences.

Berrisom Peeling Lips Stain: 1/5


Almost 4 months ago, I bought the peeling lip stain set of 6 different colors because it was on sale for 1/2 price to try out. I was (still am) so regret buying the whole set instead of just 1 for testing. The idea is great, but the actually product need to be improved.

It was a disaster to my lips and the worst experience ever. I put it on, waited for it to dry, then when I peeled it off, I actually peeled off my own skin and bled my lip so bad. The stain was not even good. I had some stains here and there on my lips and made my lips even worst than before I had it on.

I’ve seen video on how to put it on, and it looks so nice on them, unfortunately not for me. Maybe because my lips basically dry and flaky, the result didn’t come out right. So what I’m writing right now is to warn you not to try this type of lipsticks if your lips are not in perfect condition.

Smudge Free Lipsticks: 4/5


I received this kit for testing and review. At first, I tempted to try it since I had bad experience with anything smudge free. But well, it’s free so I gave it a try and love it. The color stayed on the whole day, no stain on anything my lips touched. I was sitting in class and touching my lips over and over again (I know, I should focus on the lecture, lol) feeling so happy like the first time I discovered my childhood secret place. It lasted me the whole day even after I removed my makeup and washed my face. Isn’t it unbelievable? There are many colors to choose, either glossy or matte. I do not like gloss because it usually doesn’t last, but this product actually last as much as matte colors. The gloss actually help to moisturize your lips, I applied at night so it can be moisturize until the next morning.

However, there is two downturn of this product, also it’s the reason I gave it 4/5. First is the applying process which takes a little bit of time for each layer to dry. Second is the removing process. It was so hard to remove this lipsticks even using their remover. I had to use the Clean It Zero cleanser trying to remove as much as I can, then using lip makeup remover to remove once a again. But again,  maybe this problem won’t happen to you if you don’t have dry lips like me. Overall, I still like this one very much.

Tips: Don’t put the color on right away. Try using the gloss that come with the set or buy one from the brand and use it for at least 3-4 days in a row. It’ll remove all the wax form previous chapsticks, moisturize your lips, and turn your lips to a better condition. By doing it you will have no problem with applying or removing this type of lipsticks.

Follow her on Facebook for more information and discount: SmudgeFreeLips

or you can click here to purchase.

Beauty Bakerie Lips Whip: 4/5


I just recently heard about this brand and bought couples liquid lipsticks from them. They are gorgeous and the packaging is beautiful. The applying process is pretty easy, just like the regular liquid lipsticks. It’s waterproof which means nontransferable at all. I saw the video they made washing the swatch with water and nothing happened, feel like miracle. That’s why I told myself to try them out and totally knock over. I even tried to swatch them on my arm, then rise them with water, they actually did not come off.

However, there are not as many color as the Smudgefreelipstick brand for you to choose from. I think they will have more colors soon. Also I have bad experience with the light color. It’s harder to get to the true color, so you have to apply few layer, and when you do that, after 3 hours, the color starts breaking up. As I noticed, it’s easier to remove on my lips than on my arm skin. So yes, it’ll be a little wear off by the end of the day.

Tips: I’d recommend to apply one direction only, and wait for each layer to dry completely before apply another one.


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or Click here to purchase.

In conclusion, I love both brands equally, so it’s hard to tell which one I love more. They’re both have good and bad sides. And as a makeup addict, I hate to say but who say we cannot have all?!

So that’s all for right now. I will updated more review on other smudge free or waterproof lipstick brands if  I have a chance to try any.

Let’s me know which one is your favorite, and please recommend me to other  waterproof or smudge free liquid lipsticks brands you think are good.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you find it helpful.

Have a wonderful day lovelies,



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“The Estee Edit” Voxbox review

Couple week ago, I was surfing through My Instagram, and came over some IG friend’s post about Influenster Voxbox that she got it for free. I thought: “Wow, It’s a great idea to experience new product without paying for it!” So I signed up, and a week later I received an email telling me that I need to do short survey to get my first free Voxbox from The Estee Edit. I got it in a mail about 5 days later. When I opened it, I was stun. There are 4 full size products included in the box, which are: Radiance Activator, Late Night Eraser, Inside Track Eye Kajal, and Metallishadow creme+powder.

1/ Radiance Activator Treat+Prep+Glow: 3.5/5

Which Skin Type: All

What is it:  A 3 in 1 serum for luminous skin

After the first week using it every morning before my makeup, I’d say I like it. It gives me a nice pearly glowing skin.The most important thing I like about this is that it works with all skin types, especially my super dry skin.  I’d recommend using it before apply foundation or mix it with your foundation to make a pearly look. For long-term, I haven’t seen any improvement yet. I will update after I finish the bottle.

2/Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony: 3/5

What is it: It’s supposed to be an eye balm to treat and massage your eyes every morning to reduce the appearance of dark circle and puffiness.

Tip: Store it in the refrigerator so you can feel the effect of the cooling tip when you use it to massage under my eyes.

3/Inside Track Eye Kajal: 4/5

The color I received is : Bold Bordeaux/ Urban Nude

I love this pencil because it is 2-in-1. I use the Bordeaux color for my liner wings or to blen out for a smokey look.Because the Urban Nude is so soft and smooth, I use it for my waterline. DO NOT forget your waterline which will make your eyes look brighter and bigger (always use it for an innocent look).  It lasts long and easy to remove.

4/Metallishadow Crème + Powder: 3.5/5

I love the idea of making the creme and glitter powder in 1 jar so it’ll be easy to toss in a bag or to pack for travel. The creme is easy to put on, but didn’t last too long. The glitter is a little messy if you’re not a pro.

Tip: I like to use the creme as the base, so the glitter will hold better and true to the color.

Let’s me know your experience if you tried this brand before and if not will you try it?

“I received these for free for my truthful review”.

You can purchase all of them from Sephora.


Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Collection Review

Hello dolls,

I finally got my hands on the Kylie’s Birthday collection after the third time I tried, so I thought why not write about this for my first review. Also, most of them will be available in her regular collection ( different packaging than this Birthday collection) which would make this review to be fit for her other products. I love everything from the bundle except the cosmetic bag. I bought the Bundle because it’d take too much time to add everything to the cart, and by the time I finish adding, they’d be all gone (speaking from my experience).

1/ Cosmetic bag : 2/5


So Let’s started with my least favorite: the Cosmetic bag. It’s $42 and in my opinion it’s too expensive for a simple cosmetic bag that you can get as free gift from any cosmetic brands. However, there is some good sides of it.  The material is soft and the design is simple so it gained one more point from me. Moreover, it’s big enough to hold lots of makeup if you’re a makeup junkie like me. So 2 points over 5.

2/ Matte Liquid Lipsticks: 4/5


Next, I’d love to talk about the mini liquid lipsticks that everybody was crying for. Basically they’re just different packaging and smaller size. All of the shades you can find from the regular lipstick kit from KylieCosmetics. If you already owned one or more of the liquid lipsticks from this brand, there is nothing else for me to say. And for those who haven’t tried, you should.


Lots of people compare these with Colourpop. I’m sorry to say but it’s so unfair to compare them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Colourpop and personally collect many lippies and liquid lipsticks from their brand. The colors are nice, the texture goes on very well, and they’re affordable for just $6 each.  However, the Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks make my lips dry and flaky even after I exfoliated and applied lip balm on. The Kylie’s lipsticks on the other hand work very well on my lips and smell like candy. It’s still a little dry appear at the end of the day, but for whole day long it’s good enough for me. Many people complained about the wand/ applicator, it doesn’t happen to me, so no comment on this yet.  Again for $17, it’s not too bad at all compares to Kat Von D, Huda Beauty, or Anastasia Beverly Hills which are $20 each.

3/ Gloss & Metal Matte lipsticks: 3/5


I’m not a fan of gloss, so I barely use the gloss in this collection. However, it seems very nice when I tried to apply it over a matte lipstick; it’d give you shimmery lips. The Metal Matte on the other hand is a beaut, very nice texture, give you a cool look, also it’s o trend now. However, I’m not sure if I want to wear it on regular daily basic,it’d be more for a night time makeup.

4/ Kyliner: 3.5/5


The Gel liner, and the eyeliner pencil kit is new to her collection. I got the brown one, and will get the black one soon. The gel liner doesn’t smudge at all and comes out very natural. But I don’t like the brush, it’s somehow hard to control or to make sharp line. I prefer my own M.A.C liner brush. The pencil is nice and lasts long too, I prefer using it to make a blend eyeliner look.

5/Creme Shadow: 3.5/5


Save the best to the last-creme shadows, I’m in love with these creme shadows. It lasted for whole day, and when I tried to wipe it out, only a very little amount coming off. My favorite shade is the “Rose Gold”. I have been searching for this shade for so long, but was unable to find a good one, this one is perfect. However, one flaw is that the texture is not that easy to apply (that’s why even though it’s my most favorite, I only give it a 3.5/5). I have to use my finger or an applicator that comes with my Chanel gel eyeshadow to apply it on. And I can only do 1 stroke at a time in 1 direction or it’ll dry out and start clotting. So I need practice with this one. Updated: there is one similar to this one from Tom Ford if you want to try from different one.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I have been thinking about this blog for so long, but was too skeptical to do it since I’m a very private and shy girl. I guess I finally have enough courage to step out of my comfort zone (whatever I have left) 🙂

So, let’s get started by introducing myself. My name is Sheryl and I’m just an ordinary Vietnamese American girl who is obsessed with makeup and anything pretty. I love to try new products and I thought writing reviews about them would be a great idea.

Whenever I want to try a new brand of makeups or products, I always look for reviews and do a little bit of researching. But unfortunately, there are too many reviews come from people who get paid to say nice thing without the real experiences. Therefore, there is one thing I can promise you that you’ll get 100% unbiased reviews and opinions from this blog.

One fact about me: I love makeups and makeup techniques, but I don’t wear as much makeup as I own.

I speak English and Vietnamese, so if you are Vietnamese and want to ask me question, feel free to ask me in Vietnamese, I’m here to help and to learn. Once again, WELCOME to my Blog!

Thank you so much for supporting me,

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