Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog! I have been thinking about this blog for so long, but was too skeptical to do it since I’m a very private and shy girl. I guess I finally have enough courage to step out of my comfort zone (whatever I have left) 🙂

So, let’s get started by introducing myself. My name is Sheryl and I’m just an ordinary Vietnamese American girl who is obsessed with makeup and anything pretty. I love to try new products and I thought writing reviews about them would be a great idea.

Whenever I want to try a new brand of makeups or products, I always look for reviews and do a little bit of researching. But unfortunately, there are too many reviews come from people who get paid to say nice thing without the real experiences. Therefore, there is one thing I can promise you that you’ll get 100% unbiased reviews and opinions from this blog.

One fact about me: I love makeups and makeup techniques, but I don’t wear as much makeup as I own.

I speak English and Vietnamese, so if you are Vietnamese and want to ask me question, feel free to ask me in Vietnamese, I’m here to help and to learn. Once again, WELCOME to my Blog!

Thank you so much for supporting me,

Sheryl Wong



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